My name is Maria Carolina Jaramillo

I like to be call Caro

I was Born in Manizales Colombia 1984. Grew up In USA (Miami, Florida). I Came to America in November 1996.

I m a mother of three beautiful boys, Enzo, Mathias & Tommy.

My biggest passion is running. Started short distance running in high school I was part of the Cross Country Team. I became a long-distance runner in 2010, when I decided to sign up to run my first marathon.

I’ve run a total of
5k’s: 68
Half Marathons: 8 Half marathons
Full Marathons: 9 Marathons
Best 5k Time: 19min 58 secs
Best Half Marathon: 1hr 38 min
Best Full Marathon: 3hrs 09min

I love to help others, I believe if you have the chance to make people happy, just do it. Sometimes people are struggling silently. Maybe your kindness can make their day.

My biggest dream is to be a Wellness coach and have my own running Club.

I like to describe myself as Determined, Focused and Self-disciplined.