What Is Your WHY

When you wake up every morning – What drives you?

If you want to live a life of success, a life of complete success, happiness and fulfilment, you MUST find your PURPOSE.

Your why will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength to get up anymore
Your why will keep you fighting when everyone else thinks you are out for the count
WHY. Who are you fighting for? What drives you?

IS YOUR PURPOSE YOUR FAMILY? Is it to prove the doubters wrong? Is it to prove yourself right?
What is your PURPOSE?
Write down your purpose. Carry it with you everywhere. FEEL IT DEEP and promise yourself everyday you WILL live out your purpose with ZERO EXCUSES!

Your purpose is that one thing that LIGHTS YOU UP. t’s that one thing that will GET YOU UP EARLY. That one thing, when you’re doing it, TIME STOPS.
Your purpose may be something you DON’T want. It may be seeing someone in your past and thinking, NO MATTER WHAT I WILL ENSURE I NEVER END UP LIKE THAT.

Your purpose is ALWAYS something that lights a fire in you.
“I WILL DO THIS. NO MATTER WHAT” My family is counting on me!!My friends are counting on me!! I AM COUNTING ON ME!!!